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‘You are what you eat’ A small personal incident reminded me of this adage. Very often young professionals who work in various offices around the world, live on the food provided in corporate cafeteria’s. They do not realize the impact this food has on their lives.. In younger years we take the impact of all this quite lightly. Hence the parent company – Flavours Culinary Solutions Pvt Ltd was born in 2015. Banquet 18 was the brand launched with a vision to make healthy food available for the masses. Banquet 18’s vision was to be a Food provider with responsibility who will not use artificial food colors, soda or ajinomoto beyond permissible limits. We embarked on this journey to make a difference to corporate high stress lives. Coz 80% of the problems all link back to what have you been eating.

In a short span of about 2 years, Banquet 18 has grown to serve around 800 meals daily to different corporate houses in Bangalore. We have also grown to be loved by our wedding clients and are famous for doing ‘things differently’. Be it service, presentations or simply lip smacking food. From fusion menu’s to multi cuisine counters – everything done with a dash of difference. This has brought us to be in the top 5 caterers in Bangalore.

Our goal is to firstly not forget the basics of what we do & how we do. Together with this to serve more corporate employees their meals. To reach our target figure of 5000 meals per day & hence make a difference to their health. To be the number 1 caterer in Bangalore in the genre of events- where we will continue to improvise and do better and different work where food will be the highlight of the memories your guests take back!